Universal CDN is one of the top players in the Content Delivery Network scene.

With our highly reliable network of edge servers, strategically placed in areas of high demand, accelerated by Anycast DNS service and 100% SSD servers, we are helping our clients to reduce the latency and bring their content closer to their website’s visitors.

Find answers, guides, and tutorials to fit and integrate Universal CDN services with your project.

UCDN Help Center

What is a CDN Zone?

How Do I Change the Resource/Origin of An Existing CDN Zone?

Is a custom subdomain (CNAME) supported?

How Can I Protect my Resources from Hotlinking with Universal CDN?

How to Add a CNAME Record to My CDN Zone?

What is UCDN Storage?

How to Upload Files to My UCDN Storage?

How is the UCDN Storage billed?

How to Configure S3 bucket as an Origin to my Resources using an AWS Secret Key?

How to obtain the X-Auth-Token in Identity API v3?

How to Purge Cached Resources From The Universal CDN Cache?

How is traffic calculated?

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

What Happens If I Run Out of the Funds Added to My Top-Up CDN Account?

How to Limit the Access to My Resources?

What Is HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)?

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