Purge Through the CP

Purging a file is required when you have changed or deleted a file on your origin, but the previous (old) version of the file is still cached and served by the CDN edge servers.

Universal CDN allows you to purge the content from the Control Panel or by using our API.

Purge Cached Resources from the Control Panel

To purge a file cached by the CDN edge servers from the Universal CDN Control Panel, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Log in to the Universal CDN Control Panel at ucdn.com

2. Navigate to the Purge Files tab located in the left menu. 

3. On the drop-down menu select the zone from which the file should be purged or specify the full URL to the file.

4. Click on the Purge Files button. 

If you have not chosen a zone, you should enter the full URL to the file:


If you have already specified a zone from the list, you should omit the domain name:

Purge Cached .ts Segments (VOD HLS)

You can purge the .ts segments related to a VOD’s HLS, by entering the path to the index.m3u8 file, either without specifying the zone:


Or by specifying the zone:


NOTE: In case you’ve configured multiple adaptive resolutions through the URLSET feature (master.m3u8 file including multiple index.m3u8), you need to add a separate purge job for each index.m3u8 file.

In the below purge job example, only the index file was set for purging, which automatically added all related .ts segments to the purge job


You can monitor the purge job created by scrolling down to the Purge job list. 

For detailed information about purging files by using our API, click here!

Purge Cached Resources Through the API