Please be advised that the following instructions may have undergone some changes due to the third-party software and plugins updates.

The integration of the Universal CDN services with b2evolution CMS requires editing the configuration file (blogs/conf/_advanced.php) to set the path variables to point to the Universal CDN location. Please follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Open blogs/conf/_advanced.php to configure the path variables to point to your CDN zone.

2. Define a new variable at the beginning of the file (blogs/conf/_advanced.php) replacing ‘http://your.domain.tld/ with the CNAME added for your CDN zone or with the domain name assigned to your CDN zone by the Universal CDN system (e.g. http://10001-1.b.cdn13.com/).

<?php  $cdnurl = ‘http://your.domain.tld/’;

The value of the following variables should be updated as described at the table below:

Find the following line:Replace it with:
$rsc_url = $baseurl.$rsc_subdir;$rsc_url = $cdnurl.$rsc_subdir;
$skins_url = $baseurl.$skins_subdir;$skins_url = $cdnurl.$skins_subdir;
$media_url = $baseurl.$media_subdir;$media_url = $cdnurl.$media_subdir;

Please check your CDN configuration settings in the Universal Control Panel for the assigned domain/host (e.g. http://10001-1.b.cdn13.com/) to your CDN zone.

Then verify that the HTML if all the URLs have been rewritten properly.