To integrate Universal CDN services with the vBulletin CMS (5.3.2), follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Log into your VBulletin CMS administration and navigate to Admin CP.

 2. Go to “Styles & Templates” ⇒ “Replacement Variable Manager“.

 3. Then select “Add New Replacement Variable” next to the style you are using.

 4. Create a new replacement variable for each item.

In case you have more directories with your images, repeat the process for all of them. You might create a custom URL of the resources for each of these directories or use a single one with different paths. Here is a list of common variables you might need:

You just set up vBulletin to fully use Universal CDN! 

Please check the configuration settings by reviewing the source code of your website and find the assigned domain/URL (e.g. 11131-7.b.cdn12.com) to your CDN zone.