IPv6 Support

IPv6: Unlocking The Future Of The Internet On UCDN

With the exponential increase in the number of internet-connected devices, each needing its own unique address, IPv6, the newest version of the Internet Protocol (IP), steps in, offering an almost limitless supply of unique addresses.

By adopting IPv6, you will be future-proofing your network to this rapid digital expansion, ensuring smooth user experiences on UCDN.

Implementing IPv6

1. Revise your Application: Transitioning to IPv6 involves embedding specific code snippets into your website or application. This code should identify whether a client uses the more common IPv4 or the new IPv6, and then connect them to the relevant UCDN domain accordingly.

2. UCDN Domain Structure: Each zone you create comes with two default domains:

An IPv4 domain: As an example, for a zone associated with account ID 12345 and zone ID 10, the domain for IPv4 would be ‘12345-10.b.cdn13.com’, resolving exclusively IPv4 addresses.

An IPv6 domain: For the same zone, the corresponding IPv6 domain will be ‘12345-10.6.b.cdn13.com’. Here, the “.6” after the zone ID designates it as an IPv6 domain. This domain solely resolves IPv6 addresses.

Important Note: If your services are running efficiently on IPv4 and you don’t immediately need IPv6 support, you can delay the IPv6 implementation. Remember, you can always revisit this when IPv6 becomes a vital requirement for your operations.