95th Percentile of the Traffic Bandwidth Pricing Method Explained

The 95th percentile of the traffic bandwidth is a method of measuring the bandwidth usage, which allows you to burst in traffic without overage charges.

Universal CDN samples the amount of data served from our servers for each client every 5 minutes and uses that value to obtain a data rate (in Mbps) for that 5-minute interval.

During the course of a client’s monthly billing cycle, 8640 (for months, which have 30 days) or 8928 (for months, which have 31 days), 5-minute intervals are recorded.

After the month ends, all intervals are considered as 100% and are placed in ascending order. From the mentioned 100%, we subtract the biggest 5%.

In other words – we remove the biggest few intervals and consider the next biggest as the relevant amount of traffic. This is the amount of traffic bandwidth you will be charged for!

The 95th percentile of the traffic bandwidth pricing method allows clients to slightly burst over their committed rate, giving them the ability to scale their billing, and guarantees that the traffic peaks will be covered.

There can be only one billing in use at a time. 

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