Live Stream Cost Formation

The costs of the Universal CDN Live Streaming depends on the services used in each session. These services are:

  • Live Transcoding
  • Restreaming to a third-party platform like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc..
  • Recording stream as MP4 in UCDN cloud storage
  • Duration of the Live Stream session (measured per hour)
  • Resolution of the Live Stream session (SD, HD, UHD)
  • Frame rate (e.g. 30fps, 60fps, etc.)

There are two more services that take part in the Live streaming session: 

  • Pushing the RTMP to UCDN 
  • Transmuxing to HLS

Both services take part while running this solution and we provide them for free

Please note that once streams are recorded in your UCDN storage, the system will charge you for the occupied space as for the rest of the uploaded resources. 

For more information on pricing for the Universal CDN Live Streaming service, please Contact Us

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