Record Your Streams

Record Your Streams as MP4

This feature is optional and will record individual clips of the base or of the transcoded live streams allowing your community to watch them later on-demand.

To record your streams, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Log in to the Universal CDN Control Panel at

2. Navigate to the Livestraming tab located at the top left corner.

3. Click on the cogwheel icon next to the Live Streaming zone.

4. On the Main settings page specify the UCDN storage container where the streams will be copied.

5. Check the box next to “Keep a copy of the Base stream as MP4”.

6. Check the box “Keep a copy as MP4” next to your transcoding to keep a copy of your transcoded stream.    

7. Click on the “Save Changes” button.

Once activated, the system will start recording the Live streams and upload them in the specified storage container in MP4 format segments every 30 minutes since the beginning of the stream, or since it has been activated.

If the duration of a live stream session is less than 30 minutes, as soon as the session ends, the system will automatically upload the record to your storage container.

To deactivate this feature, simply uncheck the box next to “Keep a copy of the Base stream as MP4” or next to “Keep a copy as MP4” and click on the “Save Changes” button.

To activate the Live Streaming service for your account, please Contact Us.

Live Stream Service Use Cases

The Original Stream Has the Desired Resolution and No Transcoding is Required

Тhe Оriginal Stream Does Not Have The Desired Resolution and Transcoding is Required

Restream Your Content to Third-party Platforms