Without Transcoding

The Original Stream Has the Desired Resolution and No Transcoding is Required

Тhe RTMP stream pushed to your CDN Live Stream zone has the desired resolution and there is no need for transcoding. If that’s your case, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Log in to the Universal CDN Control Panel at my.ucdn.com.
2. Navigate to the Livestreaming tab located in the left panel menu.
3. In the My Livestreaming Zone section, click on the New Live Stream button:

4. You will then be directed to the zone’s Main Settings page:

Live Streaming Panel - New Live Streaming Zone
  • Stream name: Enter a friendly name for your Live Stream zone.
  • Enable HLS via CDN: Check this option to enable HLS via HTTP. The CDN system will convert/transmux the incoming RTMP stream into the HLS format.
  • Include Base Stream in master.m3u8: Check this option to include the Base Stream in the master.m3u8 file. If you’d like to use the Master file and no transcoded streams are added, activate this option. Otherwise, keep this option deactivated to avoid issues when switching between transcoded and Base streams, as the duration of the .ts segments may differ.

5. Click on the “Add Live Stream Zone” button.

6. Locate your Public URL and Public Key from the ‘Instructions‘ section:

Or from the ‘Main settings‘ section:

The Public URL and Public Key can be added to any RTMP supporting client to push your local stream to a UCDN Live Streaming zone or Restream Platforms (e.g., YouTube, Twitch, etc.), if such option is enabled.

To activate the Live Streaming service for your account, please Contact Us.

Live Stream Service Use Cases

Тhe Оriginal Stream Does Not Have The Desired Resolution and Transcoding is Required

Restream Your Content to Third-party Platforms

Record your streams as MP4