Adult Video Script (AVS)

The integration of the Universal CDN with AVS version 4.0 requires the installation of the Multi-Server System plugin. 

To integrate the Universal CDN services with Adult Video Script, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Аfter installation of the plugin (Multi-Server System), you need to log into the AVS Admin Panel, select ServersAdd Server, and add а storage server(s):

2. URL: is the CNAME you have added to your CDN zone. If no CNAME is added, use the CDN domain assigned to the zone name by the Universal CDN system

(e.g. or http:/

3. Video URL: is the path to your video content. Default directory should be /media/videos: or

4. FTP IP/Hostname: is the address of the FTP server.

5. FTP Username: is the username used to login (Universal CDN control panel at 

6. FTP Password: the FTP password used to login (can be viewed from ⇨ Storage ⇨ Storage Name).

7. FTP Path To Videos Directory: the directory where videos should be uploaded. 

8. Click on the “Add Server” button. 

To get your FTP credentials, follow the steps outlined below: 

1. Log in to the Universal CDN Control Panel at

2. Navigate to the Storage tab located in the top left corner.

3. Click on the key icon  next to the Storage container. 

4. From the pop-up window, you can get the FTP credentials for your CDN Storage container.