Speeding Up the HLS Delivery

What is Anycast And How We Use It To Speed Up The Deliver

Anycast, known as IP Anycast, is a method that allows a single IP address to be announced from multiple servers on the Internet.

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Autonomous Systems (AS) are essential parts of the way IP Anycast functions. The purpose is that the data is sent to the closest server based on the location of the user request.

As a result, the network hops and latency are reduced along with the time required for data transfer. 

We speed up the video delivery by using Anycast addressing and by caching the master manifest, the alternate index files, along with the first one or two .ts chunks.

Then we serve them on demand through our powerful edge servers located in the closest data center, making it the fastest possible method for delivering video files.

This will lead to speeding up video start and gives us a bit of time so we can get the rest of the segments, while the first of two .ts chunks are playing.

With the optimization that we have made, the HLS stream will be delivered through the Universal CDN edge servers allowing faster live streaming and a better user experience.

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