How to integrate Universal CDN with XenForo?



Please be advised that the following instructions may have undergone some changes due to the third-party software and plugin updates.

Please note that the tutorial below is relevant for the web version 1.5.10 of the XenForo. 

To integrate the Universal CDN services with XenForo (version 1.5.10), follow the steps outlined below:  

  1. ​Log into your XenForo Admin Area.
  1. ​​Navigate to AppearanceStyles ⇨ [Default] ⇨ Style PropertiesGeneral.
  1. Within the ‘Path to Images‘ field, add your CDN zone URL to the beginning. Eg. changing “styles/<yourstyle>” to:<yourstyle>
  1.  Click on Update Style Properties to apply your settings.

If you are going to use installed XenForo to the root directory follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Edit the file config.php which is located in directory named library
  1. Add the following lines in the config.php file:

$config [‘externalDataUrl’] = ‘’;

$config [‘javaScriptUrl’] = ‘‘;

After the configuration changes your XenForo website will start Universal  CDN to deliver static files (style images, attachments, javascript, etc.) from our edge servers.