How to integrate UCDN with Joomla?

2019-08-13 10:43

(*Disclaimer: Please be advised that the following instructions may have undergone some changes due to the third-party software and plugins updates.)

​For 3.9.10

  • Download the “CDN For Joomla!” plugin from download page.
  • Log into your Joomla Administrator Panel, hover over “Extensions” and
    click “Extension Manager.” Next to the “Upload Package File” box, click
    “Browse”, select the downloaded plugin file, and click “Upload and Install.”
  • After the installation is complete, go back to “Extensions”, click
    “Plugins” and “Manage”, then find and click on “System - Regular Labs - CDN for Joomla!”
    Click on it to setup the plugin.
  • Leave the “Site Root” value alone, type your CDN URL (e.g. into “CDN Domain”, then click “Save and Close.”

All done! You are now officially using our CDN service. You can check if your URLs are being rewritten to CDN URLs by loading the page and
viewing the source code of the page.

Important Note:
Different types of protocols are available (CDN Protocol, Relative Protocol  etc.) only in PRO version. 

For more information about the plugin, visit

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