How to integrate UCDN with AVS?

2018-12-04 17:11

(*Disclaimer: Please be advised that the following instructions may have undergone some changes due to the third-party software and plugins updates.)

Description of the integration of UCDN with the version of AVS 4.0.

In order to use AdultVideoScript with CDN, you need to install the plugin Multi-Server System

After you have installed the plugin, you need to log in to AVS admin, select Servers  → Add Server and add storage server(s):

  • URL is the CNAME you have entered in the zone's settings, or the zone name itself or http:/
  • Video URL is the path to your video content. Default directory should be /media/videos: or
  • FTP IP / hostname the address of the FTP server
  • FTP Username the username used to login (can be viewed from → Storage→ Storage Name)
  • FTP Password the FTP password used to login (can be viewed from → Storage→Storage Name)
  • FTP path to videos the directory where videos should be uploaded

 Please note that FTP IP / hostname and another data will be different from the above in the screenshot, so check your UCDN control panel.

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