2019-01-31 11:16

To view statistics for a given zone, you need first log in to Then click on "Stats" from the menu on the left.

You will see a page containing various graphics for a certain zone, you can choose from the menu on the right. Next to the zone, you can select the interval for which we want to check the statistics:

These are graphs that provide different information:

  • SSl traffic - shows used SSL traffic for a certain time

  • SSL hits - shows the total number of SSL hits

  • HTTP2 traffic - shows used HTTP2 traffic

  • HTTP2 hits - shows the total number of HTTP2 hits

  • Bandwidth - shows the used bandwidth at a specific time

  • Traffic - shows the amount of generated traffic

  • File Hits - shows the total number of file hits

  • Countries - amount of hits and percentage based on the users' country

  • Status Codes - amount and percentage of different HTTP status codes

  • Storage (only if using UCDN storage) -  shows the amount of occupied space on our storage servers

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