2018-06-25 10:56

Universal CDN supports automatic installation of LetsEncrypt certificates for all custom aliases added for given zone. In order to install and enable them you need to navigate to your UCDN control panel and go to the list of your zones. For the zone for which you want to enable LetsEncrypt there should be added at least one custom CNAME and it should point to our default zone address. After that you need to click on button  on the right side.

The process of installation and activation may take up to 1-2 minutes and the zone will be marked with

If you add new CNAME to a zone which has LetsEncrypt enabled, certificate will be automatically installed for the new alias.

All LetsEncrypt certificates are automatically renewed and no further actions are required from your side.

The installed certificates are also visible through the SSL section of the control panel

At the moment, if you want to remove or disable LetsEncrypt certificate, please contact us at support@ucdn.com.

Tags: letsencrypt, SSL