How to install SSL certificate?

2018-10-17 15:19

In order to install your SSL, you should login to click "SSL" 

Next select the tab "Add SSL Certificate" 

First you need to enter the hostname, that will use the certificate. This is the CNAME that you have created in your domain, and using to access the CDN.



Note that the certificate must be valid for the hostname you access, or your browser will issue a "Certificate Mismatch" warning.

For example, if your SSL is valid for "", but you set it for "" the certificate will not be valid. You should obtain a 'wildcard' certificate if you want to use single certificate for multiple hosts.

You have 3 options for uploading your certificate to our servers:

1.As ZIP file 2.As seperate files 3.As plain text

Your ZIP file should contain a certificate (*.crt), a private key (*.key) and optionally a CA bundle certifiacate (*_bundle.crt) file.

Choosing the second option, will provide you with an option to upload 3 seperate files:

  • Certificate - The SSL certificate. It normally has the file extension *.crt
  • Key - The private key for the certificate. It normally has the file extension *.key
  • CA Bundle - (optional) This is a bundle of certificates, provided by your SSL issuer. Normally it will be called something like *_bundle.crt

The third option lets you copy and paste the contents of your key and certificates in the text areas.

After you have provided the files, click "Add SSL certificate" on the bottom of the page.

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