2019-12-03 15:35

In order to upload/sync large amount of files(maximum filesize of a singe file can be up to 5GB) to your Swift storage, you can also use third-party tool called "rclone".

You can download the tool from this page: http://rclone.org/downloads/

You can generate your own config file using the following command: rclone config

Here is an example of config file:

[swift] - remote name, must contain only letters and numbers
user = first part of FTP username(for example, 100001)
key = FTP_password
auth = https://auth.files.nl01.cloud.servers.com:5000/v2.0/ (if your storage is in EU) and https://auth.files.us01.cloud.servers.com:5000/v2.0/(if your storage is in North America)
tenant = same as user
region = leave it blank

In order to sync folder to your new storage, you can use the following command:
rclone sync foldertobesynced remotename:storage_name/path

For example:
rclone - v sync '/home/example/videos' swift:10001-1.b.cdn13.com/videos

/home/example/videos - the folder on the origin you want to be synced
swift - remote name configured in your rclone config file
10001-1.b.cdn13.com - the name of your storage(container)

Please find more information how you can use rclone here:

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