2018-10-17 13:56

Purging a file is required when you have changed (or deleted) a file on your origin, but it is still cached and served from our servers.

To purge files from our cache servers, you need first login to my.ucdn.com. Next click on "Purge files" from the menu on the left side.

You can select specific zone from the drop-down menu or leave the default value "guess from hostnames".

If you have not chosen a zone, you should enter the full URL to the file:


If you have already specified a zone from the list, you should omit the domain name:


You can also import a text file, with a list of the files that should be purged, which can be uploaded from the button "Choose file" When you are ready, click "Purge Files". You will now see the status of the purge job, and review the history of the purge jobs you have created. 

You can also purge your files using our API.

You can find your API key in your profile page.  

Tags: Purge